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FOME email hosting solution:

Cure Your Fear Of Missing Email

Commodity email solutions have finally hit the bottom, and for many, the buffers. Large cloud based email providers offer nothing but poor & slow support, no transparency of operations and generic security. Above all, their typical response to tracking down lost emails: a ‘virtual shrug’, if you can get in contact in the first place that is.

There is definitely a requirement for specialist email service provision, for organisations that require better email accountability, highly customisation configurations, and above all, where every email is treated as a high value asset.

Marketing requirements are a great case here, and is a particular area where our solution has excelled.

Good marketing departments do their best to painfully perform best practice for high volume mass email campaigns, so they can to maximise engagement. After the batches are sent out, after all that hard work, the subsequent customer responses, marketing gold dust, to get… lost in space.

It’s not that IT departments no longer care, it’s just that with so much back office technology being outsourced to large shared cloud environments, they no longer have the control or granular management visibility to see what the problem is, in order to do anything about it. Changes take time. Mid campaign emergency? Don’t bother asking.

ACC Daemon has a proven track record of transforming marketing email response rates sent from email marketing platforms like Adestra. Our technology platform utilises the best technology in the business, at every layer. Our ‘full stack’ solution ensures we have full visibility over networking, security, application delivery, email gateways and email servers. Combine this with our deep application hosting expertise, our sole mission is to work directly with customers in a highly responsive manner, to ensure we collect every last email.

Because in such a competitive world, every email matters.

FOME 5 Mailbox starter solution: £150 + VAT pm

  • High performance DNS management included
  • Dedicated Windows Server, Hyperconverged cluster based
  • Physically located at our ISO 27001 Tier 3 DataCentre in Surrey
  • Fully managed by us, but with admin level access for you if you need it
  • Options on vCPUs, RAM to suit
  • High performance disk layout tuned for MDaemon (O/S disk, Mailstore disk, Log disk)
  • All disks SSD tiered, adjustable % to suite performance requirements
  • Dedicated secure VLAN
  • Dedicated PaloAlto Networks SSLVPN solution
  • Dedicated PRTG monitoring solution, with WMI hooks for MDaemon performance counters
  • MDaemon Server with 5 mailboxes
  • MDaemon webmail, remote admin access (over SSLVPN if required)
  • Daily, Weekly PaloAlto Networks Network and Threat reporting
  • Encrypted backups, block and byte based, multiple deltas per day if required
  • Webroot AntiVirus Solution
  • We also offer competitive options for offsite email archiving to, using the highly capable ‘MailStore’ solution – contact us for more information.
  • We are Vision Solutions DoubleTake SPLA partners so we could also real time replicate your entire MDPC server to a target server of your choice, anywhere in the world