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To achieve complete email clarity, we need to be completely transparent on infrastructure. Over the years ACC Daemon have built up a formidable email optimised hosting platform, on which we have full email visibility from ISP hand off to disk. Such an architecture is absolutely essential in order for us to perform the forensic level of management and monitoring that comes with all our email services.

Here are some of the more significant aspects of our state of the hard hosting platform that we are happy to publicly boast about. Other parts, you can understand, are closely guarded secrets!


Palo Alto Firewalls: Market leading threat protection and locked down access

At ACC Daemon we have been using PaloAlto Networks firewalls since 2008, in ten years they have come from quirky application specialist security equipment, to THE market leading next generation firewall solution – dropping anchor in the top right hand corner of the Gartner quadrant.

The Palo Alto Networks solution enable us to provide application specific application based protection, at full wire speed and with no performance impact due to advanced threat parallel processing. Thus our solution is able to identify malicious connections whilst not impacting genuine traffic.

At ACC Daemon we take email security seriously. Included even in our entry level package is a dedicated secure VLAN for your service, plus VPN access using our PaloAlto Networks integrated SSL VPN solution. Use of a VPN for mailbox / configuration system access means you minimise the number mail services exposed on your server from the public Internet.


KEMP Loadmasters

An optional service element, a KEMP solution provides an extra layer of both security and visibility in front of your mail servers.


Pulse Secure vADC

Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager is a software-based application delivery controller (ADC) designed to deliver faster, high performance user experience, with more reliable access to public websites and enterprise applications, whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud or virtualised environments, while maximising the efficiency and capacity of web and application servers. We have worked with this solution since it was created by Zeus (ZXTM), and were one of the first hosting operations to run it boot from SAN, and then virtually.


Hytrust Data Control

Recommended now for all services, our Hytrust DataControl O/S encryption solution enables strong, low resource impact encryption, with automated on the fly re-ke for maximum file system protection.


R1 Soft Enterprise Server Backup

A bulletproof and reliable backup product, easily configured via a web interface, which runs on equally reliable linux servers, then R1 Soft’s not so widely known ‘Enterprise Server Backup’ is our choice for the data protection of both Linux and Windows servers.