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What makes us the best choice

to be your next hosting company?

We have put together 10 good reasons that make our hosting solution a unique proposition from any others out there. Remember, we’re next best to no one.

1) Premium application focused hosting & support at affordable prices

Get hosting today from ACC Daemon and experience maximum quality of service. Your dedicated server will be deployed on a resilient & self-healing Hyper-converged private cloud solution (built on enterprise-grade hardware & SSD disks) that’s backed by UK-based application hosting specialists.

2) Full application support:

We are famed for going the extra mile on support of your web app or email solution. This might involve troubleshooting a misbehaving WordPress plugin, or investigating email delivery problems. We have full visibility of our own infrastructure, which means there is no ‘cloud noise’ to disrupt our advanced track and trace operations.

3) Optimised web application servers

We offer LiteSpeed Web Server (LWS) + caching for optimal performance as standard

4) LiteSpeed Application Delivery Controllers (LS ADC)

In addition to LiteSpeed Web Server, we also provide LiteSpeeds feature rich and highly capable ‘LS ADC’ solution that not only offloads TLS, but provides a central point for URL / header rewriting, WAF security, load balancing / proxy configurations and much more.

5) Specialist Email Solution For Optimised Messaging

Our specialist email solutions are based on MDaemon Technologies formidable ‘MDaemon Messaging Server’ – a completely transparent email solution which we deploy for high performance tasks with maximum monitoring. This solution is favoured – and performance proven – by savvy marketing departments that seek to gain email delivery Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can dramatically impact lead generation campaigns.

6) Ultra Secure Email Management

In addition to MDaemon Messaging Server, we also deploy MDaemon Security Gateway for increased security and for more complex routing requirements. We also have a partnership with KEMP for high performance email load balancing solutions.

7) Maximum Security

PaloAlto Next Generation Firewalls, DDoS protection + Oracle Linux as standard.
We spare no cost ensuring our customers websites are kept secure, we operate PaloAlto firewalls, widely respected as the best firewalls in the application security business

8) Dedicated Secure VLANs and VPNs

You have a dedicated server with us, you will need a dedicated network (VLAN) too plus also dedicated VPN access for secure remote access. All powered by PaloAlto – the best in the business.

9) Tier 3 UK based data centre, advanced CDN integration

Our Surrey based datacentre is ISO 27001 and being Tier 3 is best in class. We will happily show you around if you would like to book an appointment and touch your data! Our unique CDN methodology enabled all the benefits of using a content delivery network, without any of the downsides.

10) Green cloud hosting

We were the inventors of the catch phrase, ‘Hosting Without The Toasting’. Our Data-centre is one of only few to be awarded (PUE 1.14) specification meaning it’s claim as a green data-centre is not simply due to the choice of ‘green’ power supplier, but actually based on how environmentally sound it operates – in the efficiency of cooling and power provision.